About Us

Empowering you to navigate the “Faceless” ecosystem effortlessly - Leverage India’s Only Faceless Assessment & Appeals Platform, “Vazir Tax” from the House of Taxsutra!

Welcome to India’s leading Faceless Assessment & Appeals Platform “Vazir Tax”, brought to you exclusively from the “House of Taxsutra”.

Our Aim

Our aim is to ensure that you are able to navigate through all the nitty-gritty with utmost ease and provide articulate solutions to the various queries that you may have.


Our Board of Advisors (Hon.) comprises the finest minds of the industry, viz. renowned Stalwarts Mr. P.V. Srinivasan & Mr. Gautam Doshi. Additionally, considering the vital importance of written communication in the faceless regime, Taxsutra has tapped into its dense network of highly-seasoned experts, who shall be catalysts in ensuring that our clients receive well-curated, articulate & accurate replies to their queries as uploaded on our platform.

Vazir Tax Edge: "Thinking Diagonally"



In order to ensure that our clients face this digital transformation before the Department in the most efficient and care-free manner, we offer both,

  1. a customized query solving service to cater to the subjective facts and circumstances of each case (with a special expert assigned to each client), as well as,
  2. complimentary access to a rich library of templates containing standardized replies to common issues faced by taxpayers.